The undisputed leader in loyalty programmes

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The new generation of loyalty technology is more powerful and expansive than any other on the market today.

LoyaltyOnDemand® delivers everything you need to execute your loyalty strategy and measure its success. For over fifteen years we’ve perfected our platform and designed it to be highly configurable, making it unique and robust for every client. It’s capabilities and extensibility are far reaching, always outperforming any competitor. It’s the Platform you can’t outgrow—always delivering seamless growth and proven loyalty results.

Cloud Native

Featuring a modern underlying architecture designed to propel loyalty with every consumer action.

Global Presence

We can reach any audience anywhere in the world. Our capabilities expand to many languages, multiple currencies and numerous data privacy laws.

Proven Results

Our platform is continuously evolving with a track record of many years with proven results.

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We are continuously amazed how LoyaltyOnDemand performs for our bottom line. This is not an off the shelf loyalty solution.

Superior performance delivers unprecedented loyalty momentum.

  • Quickly set up your loyalty programme while encapsulating the inherent complexities of your programme’s overall objectives.
  • Start small and add new features as your programme and business grow.
  • The platform's underlying architecture ensures consistent, real-time processing, so your customers are incentivised on the spot.
  • Message your customers with event-driven communications tied to their actions, keeping your customer relationships alive and relevant.
  • Data streaming capabilities expand system integration options beyond API and batch.

It’s user friendly, intuitive and displays a beautiful interface. My loyalty initiatives can be as easy or as complex as I want.