Transform your challenges into successful solutions with the new generation of loyalty technology

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Empower your loyalty program

LoyaltyOnDemand® delivers everything you need to execute your loyalty strategy and measure its success. Make informed business decisions using interactive executive dashboards configured to meet your unique business needs.

Loyalty Management

  • Customer Profile

    • Configurable profile and preferences
    • Account balances (loyalty currency, challenges, spend)
    • Tiers with respective benefits
    • Member merging, transfers and gifting (points/rewards)
    • Survey-powered, incremental profiling
  • Loyalty Accrual and
    Rules Engine

    • Transactional and engagement accrual
    • Multicurrency programs
    • Promotion configuration wizard
    • Request credit for purchases
    • Advanced rule simulation to promote acquisition
  • Rewards

    • Digital and physical catalog (with or without point consumption)
    • Global currency exchange (points as cash)
    • Per member reward choice with progress visualization
    • Sweepstakes and charitable donations

Engage your customers

Build loyalty and enhance the profitability of your program. LoyaltyOnDemand® tracks customer behavior and targets offers to segmented audiences, delivering real-time, personalized communications via your customers’ preferred channels. From brand advocacy to gamification, the platform provides new opportunities to reward customers and win their hearts and minds.

Member Engagement

  • Campaign

    • Intuitive Quick Campaign wizard
    • Advanced segmentation and auto control groups
    • Consolidated marketing calendar
    • Triggered and scheduled execution
    • Reusable audiences
  • Gamification &

    • Refer-a-friend
    • Badges
    • Spin to win and scratch off
    • Challenges
    • Augmented reality integration
    • B-stamp: digital/mobile stamp
  • Digital

    • Multi/single-use and date/time-restricted
    • Real-time arbitration and redemption (without barcodes)
    • Location-aware offers
    • Globally available or targeted
    • Digital wallet unifies store and e-commerce experience
  • Communications

    • Real-time, triggered messaging
    • Dynamic, personalized content
    • Email and SMS messaging
    • Push notifications and in-app messaging
    • Multilingual communications
    • Offered as a service or via marketing cloud integration

Evolve at the speed of your business

Get a platform you can’t outgrow. LoyaltyOnDemand® is highly scalable, so you can start small and add new features as your program and business grow. From launch, it provides seamless integration across channels and with partners, all while complying with global privacy laws.

Integration & Scale

  • Data Privacy

    • Configurable definition of PII
    • Customer identity management
    • Data subject access request
    • Right to be forgotten/deleted
    • Encryption in motion and at rest
    • In-region hosting
  • Integration

    • Secure, public REST API
    • Microservices architecture
    • Auto-scale deployments
    • Multi-tenant and single instance options
    • Extensive partner integration