Analytics & Customer Insights

  • Being Competitive Means Being Aware

    In today’s competitive loyalty marketplace, it isn’t enough to produce great products and generate meaningful solutions; you have to do an equally outstanding job of observing, analyzing, and listening. Using our proprietary research methods honed over three decades, the experts at Brierley can help you learn what your customers are truly thinking. Our roadmap for analytics and customer insights includes:

    • Reporting

    • Executive Dashboards

    • Interactive Data Visualisation

    • Predictive and Prescriptive Modeling

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  • Research and Analytics

    Our customer-centric approach to research gets to the heart of attitudes, advocacy, and other key emotional drivers. We have deep experience employing quantitative and qualitative approaches across all stages of program design: discovery, ideation, validation, and post-implementation measurement and program enhancement. Additionally, our distinguished set of statisticians are available to provide modeling, profiling, insights, and business intelligence to help support any business need. To make a quick impact, FAST Track Consulting delivers rapid insights and custom analytics solutions. Leverage our thought leaders for limited engagements by combining any of 22 distinct modules to gain detailed knowledge of your customer base and ensure you are on the most profitable track. 

    Start customizing your FAST Track solutions.

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  • Customer Insights

    We work diligently to drive incremental profits even further. Our team broadens your base and increases revenue using data from third-party prospect list response models, cross-brand and partner prospect models, tangential business line recruitment, and social media and viral marketing models. More than that, we empower you to wield the powerful new knowledge of your customer base carefully and intelligently to take control of your company's future. Potential value analysis, share-shift modeling, renewal, attrition, churn models, cross and next-sell models, purchase propensity models, technology adoption, psychographic profiles, diffusion of innovation models, and digital content adoption models are proven tools used to help ensure you're on the most profitable track possible.

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